Banana Table Runner

Indego Africa


Exclusive, Hand-Crafted Designs.
Artisans craft each one-of-a-kind Table Runner by hand using needles and strips of banana leaf. The technique requires patience, precision and great skill to master. The women from the Twiyubake Family cooperative in Kayonza are responsible for creating all of Indego Africa's banana leaf products  their remarkable products were recently sold in Polo Ralph Lauren stores, and highlighted by 

Impressive Quality. 
The women at Kayonza have used their incredible talents to create gorgeous Banana Table Runners, of the highest quality, that are sure to add style to any table setting.  Colorbrown, black, natural. Please note that all our products are handmade, and color and size may vary slightly.

A Stunning Addition to Your Table.
Equal parts function and beauty, the Banana Table Runner add an organic natural feel to your dining room. The hand-crafted Table Runner is fashioned from banana leaves and fiber - and makes a striking addition to your dinner table. By using Indego Africa's Table Runner you۪re paying the greatest respect possible to their Rwandan creators and their timeless works of art. Like all Indego Africa products, the Banana Table Runner will come with a tag signed personally by the artisan who created it, offering you a chance to better know one of these impressive entrepreneurial women (bios and photos about the artisans can be found online).

Tell a Story.
After visiting our website to learn more, you can join in the African storytelling tradition by telling others about the Banana Table Runner and their artisans. 

Make a Difference.
The women at Indego Africa partner cooperatives previously earned less than $1 per day and support an average family of five, including orphans of the genocide. Thanks to your purchase of this product, they now earn over four times that amount and gain valuable long-term skills. Indego Africa is a501(c)(3) non-profit, so please consider a donation in addition to your purchase!

Length: 60 inches
Width: 14 inches
Height: N/A
Weight: 18 ounces

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