"For Better or Worse" Recycled Wedding Card (RF13) Set of 5 - Rwanda

Indego Africa

$20.00 $8.00

Recycled, Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards.
These beautiful hand-made products from Cards from Africa, an Indego Africa partner, are recycled from office waste that would otherwise be burned. The process is both environmentally friendly and yields a wonderful variety of paper colors and textures.

Designed Exclusively for Indego Africa.
This striking Indego Woman design was custom-made for Indego Africa customers a symbol of parternship between two organizations helping Rwandan orphans and women. Multiply your impact by adding a Cards from Africa product to your Indego Africa purchase.

Impressive Quality. Amazing Artisans.
You’ll remark that the paper used in these unusual cards (sold in packs of five) rivals that found in high-end stationery stores. Even more amazing, it’s made by young Rwandans who are the heads of their orphaned households. They are often charged with paying for food, clothing, medical care and school fees for their younger brothers and sisters.

Tell a Story.
After visiting the Cards from Africa website to learn more (www.cardsfromafrica.com), you can join in the African storytelling tradition by telling others about the cards and their artisans.

Make a Difference.
Thanks to your purchase of this product, artisans at Cards from Africa now earn three to five times the Rwandan daily average of $1 per day and gain valuable long-term skills. Indego Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so please consider a donation in addition to your purchase!