Donation: Ten Literacy Workbooks

Indego Africa



Before working with Indego Africa, 93% of its partner women earned income below $1 per day. This amount often fed and housed an entire family, including an average of five dependents (often orphans from other families). Many of the women are without a husband, cope with HIV/AIDS, suffer from psychological trauma, and otherwise lack any other opportunity to earn a livable income.


Our artisan partners have incredible energy, creativity, ambition and intelligence . . . but few opportunities. By donating to Indego Africa, you can deliver those opportunities to them right now. And you are doing more than simple giving; you are making an investment in the long-term future of these Rwandan women, their families, and their communities. With our experience and emphasis on transparency, we ensure your donation directly improves the lives of women. And our approach works . . . In one short year, Indego Africa has halved the number of women in its cooperatives living on less than $0.50 per day.


Indego Africa provides donors with context regarding how their investment is making a difference to our talented partners. Meeting our specific program needs furthers the goal of building productive, learning and healthy communities. You’re invited to make the following investment:


Indego Africa launched in July 2009 the first adult literacy program in Rwanda to focus on the functional applications of reading and writing instruction. The program helps improve Kinyarwanda reading and writing skills in the context of lessons on public health, parenting skills, human rights, and civil participation. The integration of Individualized Educational Profiles will also allow the program participants to efficiently match their literacy goals with their immediate concerns, including how to fill out a job application, open a bank account, or even write a letter to a family member. By making a tax-deductible donation in the amount of $30, you’re supporting the purchase of 10 literacy workbooks for women in the program a vital complement to our other training programs and income from handicrafts.

NOTE: Indego Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible. Please read the Donation Notes before donating. You will NOT be receiving a product with respect to this donation. NY and TX Residents: Our system inadvertently charges sales tax for your donation, so please make your donation HERE.