Agaseke Basket Ornament

Indego Africa

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Exclusive, Hand-Crafted Designs.
The agaseke style and shape is unique to Rwanda and renowned worldwide. The artisan crafts each one-of-a-kind basket by hand using needles and fine sisal thread. The technique requires patience, precision and great skill to master. The women at our partner cooperatives are bringing their products into the US and your home for the first time.

Impressive Quality.
Our team has ventured across Africa and never found baskets of higher quality. The Art Institute of Chicago and US Holocaust Memorial Museum carry these products in their museum stores in recognition of their artistic and cultural significance. Color:Red (primary), white. Please note that all our products are handmade, and color and size may vary slightly.

Perfect Decoration or Holiday Gift.
Looking for something distinctive and socially-conscious for the holiday season? Don۪t have an idea how to present that special gift? Agaseke basket ornaments are the perfect solution and can be hung as a Christmas tree ornament or given to your loved one.

Tell a Story.
In each Indego Africa design, the artisan has an important story to tell. The unique zig-zag style of this agaseke basket speaks to reconciliation in Rwanda following its 1994 genocide. The two lines represent two women walking together hand-in-hand who stop to meet a friend before moving onwards.

Make a Difference.
The women at Indego Africa partner cooperatives previously earned less than $1 per day and support an average family of five, including orphans of the genocide. Thanks to your purchase of this product, they now earn over four times that amount and gain valuable long-term skills. Indego Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so please consider a donation in addition to your purchase!

Length: 2.2 inches
Width: 2.2 inches
Height: 3.7 inches
Weight: 0.1 lbs

NOTE: Due to the basket۪s hand-made quality, some height variation may occur. It is not recommended to keep food in the basket.

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